History and facts

We have dedicated ourselves to your loads for 100 years

Whoever has a lot to offer does not need to say much.
At this point, we will simply let a few facts speak for themselves:

A lot of space for our customers:
We work for you on an industrial area of approx. 17,000 m2.

High performance team:
Our 100 employees give their all every day for your satisfaction.

At home around the globe:
Customers from more than 100 countries all over the world place their trust in KULI quality.

Represented successfully on the global market:
We forge strong partnerships in all key markets of the world.

Producing unique advantages:
Be it motors, gearing, hoisting drums, controllers, welded constructions...
Our unique depth of production makes us special.

1922 Production of the first electrical KULI block and tackle in Remscheid
1947 Founding of the Kempkes company by Helmut Kempkes in Duisburg
1952 Production of the first crane in Duisburg
1957 Purchase of KULI production in Remscheid by Helmut Kempkes
1959 Merger of the 2nd company at the Remscheid location
1962 Production of the first radio-controlled workshop crane in Germany
1979 Opening of the second factory in the industrial area of Remscheid - Großhülsberg
1979 Appointment of Dipl. - Ing. Heinz Helmut Kempkes to company management
1980 Major fire in Factory 1 in Remscheid and start of reconstruction
1995 Production of the world's strongest 4-cord electric wire rope hoist with a capacity of 63,000 kg
1999 Founding member of RAL "Gütegemeinschaft Kranservice" (crane service product association) GKS
2005 Founding member of Interlogistics Research Foundation - Material Handling and Logistic Systems ("Forschungsgemeinschaft Intralogistik Fördertechnik und Logistiksysteme") IFL
2009 Appointment of Dr. - Ing. Helmut Oliver Kempkes to company management
2011 Exhibition of a complete double-girder crane with 63,000 kg at the CeMAT in Hanover
2014 Presentation of an ultra-compact single girder crane according to DIN EN 13001 / DIN EN 15011 at CeMAT in Hanover
2016 ÖKOPROFIT certification for resource efficiency
2018 Presentation of a crane control with remote access
2019 Market launch of a frequency-controlled crane with energy recovery and presentation at the bauma in Munich
2022 KULI celebrates 100th anniversary