KULI Electric Wire Rope Hoists

KULI electric hoists are the product of 100 years of experience in design and construction of electric hoists.

They conform to the German accident prevention regulations, both DIN and EN standards, the FEM calculation rules, the ISO recommendations and most international standards and regulations.

The distinguishing characteristic of the RS series is the compact design. The essential basis for the consistently realised modular system is that the comparatively few components allow extremely economically pricing of all upcoming variations of use.

The brake motors and planetary gears specially developed for electric hoists are produced in our factory under our own strict production controls. This guarantees safety and quality.

Due to many years of experience and our remarkable vertical range of manufacture, special designs of all hoist types are also feasible. Please contact us!

Foot-mounted hoist 'F'

The KULI electric hoist as foot-mounted hoist can be used virtually anywhere where loads, equipment or system parts/sections need to be lifted or hoisted. The universal usability is increased by the fact that the foot-mounted hoist can be rotated around the drum axis into any position.

Monorail hoist 'EE'

The standard version for single-girder cranes and monorail tracks. Eight track rollers are used as standard for loads above 10 t, resulting in lower wheel loads and permitting thinner flange thicknesses.

Low headroom monorail trolley 'KE'

The exceptional small hook dimension with that short construction height allows optimum use of the existing room height in almost all applications.

Double girder trolley 'ZE'

The practical and maintenance-free design provides optimum construction sizes for all double-girder cranes.

Cantilever crab 'WE'

For certain load-to-span ratios, the use of a cantilever crab can achieve even better construction sizes than with a short headroom monorail or double-girder trolleys as that special design is situated next to the girder.