KULI: 100 years of lifting equipment with passion

Passion is also defined as "a specific activity to which one dedicates himself". And that has always been a tradition at KULI Hebezeuge - Helmut Kempkes GmbH for a long time now. Progress over a period of 100 years, which always includes challenging economic phases in addition to boom times, is not achieved with engineering skills or good design only. This also requires "soft facts" such as enthusiasm, visions or unconditional dedication to the products.

This began when the first KULI tackle was presented in 1922. Incidentally, in the same year the DIN standard 476 for paper formats was published, which also includes the well-known DIN A4 format. However, the ballpen that goes along with paper, in German language called "Kuli" as well, was invented much later. The history of the company goes back even further, but here the "KULI" brand is celebrated, which is now known worldwide in all sectors in which lifting equipment is used. In addition to the entire range of industries from automotive to waste management, the deliveries also include a research station in the Antarctic, with which the delivery to really every continent was finally completed.

There are numerous milestones in the history of the company that clearly show the influence on the industry. After the KULI factory in Remscheid was acquired in 1957 by the Kempkes family, which is now the third generation to run the business, the first crane that could be operated via radio control was presented as early as 1962; a simple matter of course today. At that time, however, you could not really speak about comfortable hand-held transmitters; the first operator, with the necessary equipment, looked more like Neil Armstrong on his moon landing. But the headstone was laid.

In the same year, KULI introduced the world's strongest electric wire rope hoist, which managed a capacity of 15,000 kg. The development took its course and about 30 years later, attention was drawn to the strongest 4-falls electric hoist that could move 63,000 kg. That still is the benchmark to date.

The world's strongest monorail curved hoist was developed in 2005, lifts loads of up to 192,000 kg and drives them precisely over a curved I-beam. Our GKS-certified service employees have just been ordered to Dubai to carry out the regular maintenance works on this extraordinary installation.